David Mimno

Bio: David Mimno is an associate professor and chair of the department of Information Science at Cornell University. He holds a PhD from UMass Amherst and was previously the head programmer at the Perseus Project at Tufts and a researcher at Princeton University. His work has been supported by the Sloan foundation, the NEH, and the NSF.

I supervise PhD students in Information Science and Computer Science.

Recent publications:

I have recently been part of several committees working to anticipate the impacts of generative AI:


Recent workshops and tutorials:



I ran the Text as Data (TADA) 2022 conference

The AI for Humanists project makes large language models accessible for researchers working on text as data problems.

MALLET provides text classification and high-quality sampling-based topic modeling.

Here are some resources and tools that might be useful:
Cornell University, Department of Information Science, [lastname]@cornell.edu