Current PhD students: Gregory Yauney, Rosamond Thalken, Rebecca Hicke, Andrea Wang (with Allison Koenecke). Federica Bologna and Kiara Liu are part of the same Cultural Analytics lab, advised by Matthew Wilkens.

I am always looking for outstanding graduate students in both Information Science and Computer Science. Some characteristics I look for are strong math and statistics, commercial software and web development experience, and a serious engagement with a humanities or social science discipline. If you are interested in joining my team, it's helpful to know about your research experience, how your interests are compatible with our work, what you plan to do after graduate school, and why it is necessary for you to get a PhD.

From the perspective of the lab, there is no distinction between IS and CS students. The difference is what else you have to do to graduate: do you want to take Law/Ethics/Policy, or Compilers?

Graduated Students: Moontae Lee (University of Illinois Chicago), Xanda Schofield (Harvey Mudd College) Laure Thompson (UMass, Amherst), Jack Hessel (AI2), Maria Antoniak (AI2).