Topic 773

disease, fever, diseases, cases, treatment, infection, tuberculosis, patients, mortality, cholera, physician, infected, health, sick, diphtheria, patient, serum, infectious, cultures, plague, examination, sickness, marked, virus, remedy, Fever, methods, drugs, human, germs, died, appearance, employed, measures, smallpox, prevention, fevers, malignant, typhus, Diseases, illness, affections, inoculated, epidemics, examined, experiments, inoculation, practitioner, pulmonary

Volumes with greatest proportion

17.9% ❧ California. Dept. of Public Health. Biennial report. Berkeley,[etc.] State of California Department of Public Health. (1871)
17.29% ❧ North Carolina. Public Health Statistics Section. Annual report of Public Health Statistics Section [serial]. Raleigh : North Carolina State Board of Health : Division of Epidemiology : Public Health Statistics Section. (1951)
17.14% ❧ New South Wales. Chief inspector of stock. Report on inoculation for pleuro-pneumonia in cattle. (1869)
16.69% ❧ Tennessee. Dept. of Agriculture. Hog cholera and serum treatment. [Nashville, Tenn. : Foster & Parkes Co.. (1914)
16.49% ❧ Chapin, Charles V. (Charles Value), 1856-1941. The sources and modes of infection. New York : J. Wiley. (1916)
16.35% ❧ New York (N.Y.). Dept. of Health. What you should know about tuberculosis. New York, NY : [Printed for the Department by the J.W. Pratt Co.,]. (1910)
16.04% ❧ George Miller Sternberg. Infection and Immunity: With Special Reference to the Prevention of Infectious Diseases. G. P. Putnam's sons. (1903)
15.02% ❧ United States Medicine and Surgery, Bureau of. Report of the Surgeon-General of the Navy. Washington, Govt. Print. Off. (1885)
14.67% ❧ Joseph Prentiss Sanger, United States Bureau of the Census , Victor Hugo Olmstead , Henry Gannett. Census of the Philippine Islands,: Taken Under the Direction of the Philippine Commission in the .... [Gov't print. off.]. (1905)
14.41% ❧ Rockefeller Sanitary Commission for the Eradication of Hookworm Disease. Hookworm infection in foreign countries. Washington, D.C. : Offices of the commission. (1911)
14.39% ❧ Flexner, Simon, 1863-1946. The nature, manner of conveyance and means of prevention of infantile paralysis. New York : Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. (1916)
14.28% ❧ United States . Surgeon-General's Office, United States . Public Health Service , John Shaw Billings , Joseph K. Barnes , John Maynard Woodworth, Ely McClellan, John Charles Peters, United States President (1869-1877 : Grant). The Cholera Epidemic of 1873 in the United States. Govt. Print. Off.. (1875)
14.03% ❧ California State Board of Health. Biennial report of the State Board of Health of California for the years of ... and ... Sacramento : J.J. Ayers, Supt. State Print.. (1883)
14% ❧ Hill, Hibbert Winslow. The new public health. Minneapolis, Press of the Journal-Lancet. (1913)
13.49% ❧ The dissemination of Texas fever of cattle and how to control it. Washington, Govt. print. off.. (1882)
12.25% ❧ Jay Gilbert Roberts. Manual of Bacteriology and Pathology for Nurses. W. B. Saunders company. (1920)
11.91% ❧ United States Surgeon -General's Office , Walter Reed, Victor Clarence Vaughan , Edward Oram Shakespeare. Abstract of Report on the Origin and Spread of Typhoid Fever in U.S .... G.P.O.. (1900)
11.8% ❧ Hill, Hibbert Winslow. The new public health. New York, MacMillan. (1920)
11.77% ❧ Maine. State Board of Health. Annual report of the State Board of Health of the State of Maine. Augusta [Me.] : The Board. (1885)
11.77% ❧ Just Touatre. Yellow fever: Clinical Notes. New Orleans Medical and Surgical journal, Ltd.. (1898)
11.65% ❧ Maine State Board of Health. Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Maine. The Board. (1900)
11.59% ❧ Wilson, J. C. (James Cornelius), 1847-1934. A treatise on the continued fevers. New York : William Wood & Co.. (1881)
11.47% ❧ Jex-Blake, Arthur John. Tuberculosis : a general account of the disease, its forms, treatment and prevention. London : G. Bell and sons. (1915)
11.45% ❧ Maine State Board of Health. Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Maine. The Board. (1886)
11.26% ❧ Sessional Papers. (1900)
10.99% ❧ Prinzing, Friedrich, 1859-. Epidemics resulting from wars. Oxford : Clarendon Press; London, New York [etc.] H. Milford. (1916)
10.99% ❧ McIsaac, Isabel. Bacteriology for nurses. New York, Macmillan. (1914)
10.98% ❧ Panama Canal (Panama). Health Dept. Mosquito-borne diseases; for use in the public schools of the Canal Zone. Washington. (1914)
10.95% ❧ Karl von Liebermeister. Pathology and treatment of the infectious diseases v. 2. George S. Davis. (1888)
10.66% ❧ North Carolina. Bureau of Vital Statistics. Annual report of the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the North Carolina State Board of Health [serial]. Raleigh : The Bureau. (1915)
10.64% ❧ Charles Franklin Craig. The Estivo-autumnal (remittent) Malarial Fevers. W. Wood & company. (1901)
10.63% ❧ Boyce, Rubert William, (Sir) 1864-. Yellow fever and its prevention; a manual for medical students and practitioners. London Murray. (1911)
10.55% ❧ North Carolina. Bureau of Vital Statistics. Annual report of the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the North Carolina State Board of Health [serial]. Raleigh : The Bureau. (1915)
10.4% ❧ James Cornelius Wilson, Nathaniel Bowditch Potter. Internal Medicine: A Work for the Practicing Physician on Diagnosis and .... J.B. Lippincott Company. (1919)
10.32% ❧ Billings, Frank, 1854-1932. Focal infection; the Lane medical lectures. New York, London, D. Appleton and company. (1916)
10.26% ❧ Thomas Chalmers Minor. Erysipelas and child-bed fever. R. Clarke. (1874)
10.22% ❧ Wanklyn, William McConnel. The administrative control of smallpox, how to prevent or stop an outbreak. London, New York : Longmans, Green. (1913)
10.16% ❧ Frost, William Dodge, 1867-1957. Tuberculosis or consumption, with special reference to Wisconsin conditions. Madison, Wis.. (1909)
10.1% ❧ United States. Bureau of Entomology. Circular. Washington, D.C. : The Bureau. (1904)
10.08% ❧ American National Red Cross. Commission to Greece. The typhus epidemic in eastern Macedonia. Athens, Printed by P.D. Sakellarios. (1919)
10.01% ❧ August Hirsch. Handbook of Geographical and Historical Pathology. The New Sydenham society. (1883)
10.01% ❧ Brandly, C. A. (Carl Alfred), 1900-. Propagation of fowl- and pigeon-pox viruses in avian eggs and use of egg-cultivated viruses for immunization. Urbana, Ill. : University of Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station. (1941)
9.91% ❧ National Institute of Health (U.S.). Digest of comments on The pharmacopia of the United States of America and on the National formulary ... 1905-1922. Washington, Govt. print. off.. (1909)
9.9% ❧ Massachusetts , Massachusetts Dept . of Animal Industry , Dept. of Animal Industry, Fred Freeland Walker, Lester Heard Howard. Annual Report. Wright & Potter Printing Co. (1916)
9.79% ❧ Twentieth century practice v. 20, 1900. Sampson Low, Marston. (1898)
9.77% ❧ Frank Overton , Willard Joseph Denno. The Health Officer. W. B. Saunders company. (1919)
9.76% ❧ Roberts, Elmer, 1886-. Inheritance of resistance to bacterial infection in animals : a genetic study of pullorum disease. Urbana, Ill. : University of Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station. (1935)
9.76% ❧ Henry Austin Martin. The American Medical Association Vs. Henry A. Martin, M.D., Member of Said Association, and Late .... [Printed by Rand, Avery , & Fryf]. (1871)
9.75% ❧ Maine. State Board of Health. Annual report of the State Board of Health of the State of Maine. Augusta [Me.] : The Board. (1885)
9.74% ❧ [Mayne, Bruce], 1882- [from old catalog]. Experimental insect transmission of anthrax. Washington, Govt. print. off.. (1914)
9.72% ❧ Bolduan, Charles, b. 1873. Immune sera; a concise exposition of our present knowledge of infection and immunity. New York, John Wiley & sons, inc.; [etc., etc.]. (1917)
9.61% ❧ Edward Hooker Dewey , George Frederick Pentecost, Harold Clarence Ernst , Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture. The True Science of Living: Result of Investigations Made for the Trustees .... The Henry Bill publishing company. (1895)
9.33% ❧ William Buckingham Canfield. The Hygiene of the sick-room: A Book for Nurses and Others .... P. Blakiston, Son & Co.. (1892)
9.31% ❧ Edmund Charles Wendt. A Treatise on Asiatic Cholera. W. Wood. (1885)
9.3% ❧ Newsholme, Arthur, Sir, 1857-1943. The prevention of tuberculosis. London, Methuen. (1910)
9.29% ❧ Percy Moreau Ashburn. The Elements of Military Hygiene: Especially Arranged for Officers and Men of the Line. Houghton Mifflin Co.. (1915)
9.23% ❧ Norris, Charles Camblos, 1876-. Gynecological and obstetrical tuberculosis. New York D. Appleton. (1923)
9.2% ❧ Karsner, Howard Thomas, 1879-. Principles of immunology. Philadelphia, London, J. B. Lippincott company. (1921)
9.18% ❧ Charles Sabourin. Rational treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. Davis. (1921)
9.15% ❧ United States Dept . of Agriculture. Contagious diseases of domesticated animals v. 2, 1881. G.P.O.. (1880)
9.14% ❧ William Cline Borden. The Vital Statistics of an Apache Indian Community. Damrell & Upham. (1893)
9.12% ❧ Irwin, Will, 1873-1948. Conquering an old enemy. New York, The American Social Hygiene Association. (1920)
9.11% ❧ William Tebb. The Recrudescence of Leprosy and Its Causation: A Popular Treatise. S. Sonnenschein. (1893)
9.1% ❧ Benjamin Rush. Medical Inquiries and Observations. J. Conrad & Co.. (1805)
9% ❧ American Public Health Association. The Bertillon classification of causes of death. Lansing [Mich.] R. Smith print. co.. (1899)
8.99% ❧ Walter Bradford Metcalf. Tuberculosis of the Lymphatic System. Macmillan. (1919)
8.95% ❧ Macpherson, William Grant, (Sir) 1858-. Medical services; pathology. London H.M. Stationery Off. (1923)
8.95% ❧ Theobald Smith , United States. Bureau of Animal Industry. Special Report on the Cause and Prevention of Swine Plague. Gov't print. off.. (1891)
8.94% ❧ Rockefeller Foundation International Health Board , Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation International Health Commission , Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation International Health Division. Annual Report. (1921)
8.91% ❧ Karsner, Howard Thomas, 1879-. The principles of immunology. Philadelphia, Lippincott. (1921)
8.9% ❧ Vermont. State Board of Health. Bulletin. Brattleboro, Vt. (1901)
8.89% ❧ Nothnagel, Carl Wilhelm Hermann, 1841-1905. Nothnagel's encyclopedia of practical medicine. Philadelphia : Saunders. (1901)
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8.79% ❧ Discussion sur le typhus observé dans les armées pendant la guerre d'Orient. Imprimerie d'Henri Cayol , a Péra. (1856)
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8.57% ❧ North Carolina. Bureau of Vital Statistics. Annual report of the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the North Carolina State Board of Health [serial]. Raleigh : The Bureau. (1915)
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8.4% ❧ R. T. Lyons. A Treatise on relapsing or famine fever. Henry S. King. (1872)
8.39% ❧ Massachusetts. State forester. [from old catalog]. The chestnut bark disease; a grave danger which threatens our forest trees, with its remedy. Boston, Wright & Potter printing co., state printers. (1911)
8.38% ❧ Registrar-General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Ireland. Weekly Returns of British and Deaths in Dublin. (1879)
8.35% ❧ Thomas Wright Jackson. Tropical Medicine: With Special Reference to the West Indies, Central America, Hawaii and the .... P. Blakiston's sons & co .. (1907)
8.26% ❧ Lankester, Arthur. Tuberculosis in India; its prevalence, causation and prevention. Calcutta, Butterworth. (1920)
8.24% ❧ John Zahorsky. Golden rules of pediatrics. C.V. Mosby Co.. (1913)
8.23% ❧ United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service. Annual Report of the Surgeon-General of the Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service of the .... G.P.O.. (1911)
8.21% ❧ Conference on the Similarities and Dissimilarities between Viruses Attacking Animals, Plants and Bacteria (1950 : California Institute of Technology). Viruses 1950. Proceedings of a conference on the similarities and dissimilarities between viruses attacking animals, plants, and bacteria, respectively. Held at the California Institute of Technology, Mar. 20-22, 1950 ... [Pasadena] Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology. (1950)
8.2% ❧ Boston Medical Commission to Investigate Sanitary Condition of the City , Boston (Mass.). Board of Health, Charles Edward Buckingham. The Sanitary Condition of Boston. Rockwell and Churchill. (1875)